Quick Attack Decision Making© Workshop

What if, in a 2 to 3 hour team workshop, you could analyze an aspect of your business that is keeping you awake at night, and end the session with a clear team-aligned decision on where to focus your efforts?

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2 to 3 Hour Workshop for 2 to 3 Delegates Running a Small Business

How it works...


  • ​​In under 3 hours analyze an aspect of your business that is on your minds, and end the Zoom call with consensus on where to focus your effort
  • ​Crystalizes your thinking 
  • ​Aligns your leadership around shared vision and priorities
  • ​Plan traces back to initial analysis – robust and defendable
  • ​All elements weighted in terms of relative impact and value to focus effort – 80:20 
  • ​Thrive outcome
  • Former Engineer
  • ​Former Military Commander
  • ​Schooled in Economics
  • ​​Executive Consultant
  • ​​Author
  • ​​Speaker
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